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First television scriptwriting and presenting was five programmes for Granada Television, in the early 1970s, entitled The Leaves of Life, a look at life and death in folksong.

This was followed in the 1970s and 80s by research, scriptwriting and some presenting of such well known children’s programmes as the BBC’s Playschool and Playaway, and Thames TV’s Seeing and Doing, Middle English and The Patch Stop. Also three years co-writing and presenting with Toni Arthur, of the I.L.E.A. TV educational programme Sing a Song Playground.

Scriptwriter/researcher for BBC TV series Take a Ticket to…
Researcher/scriptwriter for BBC TV Martial Arts pilot show.
Researcher/scriptwriter/presenter for BBC2 TV history of the folk music revival, Scarborough Fair

Researcher/scriptwriter/actor BBC 2 Christmas special Thrice Welcome Christmas
For seven years writer, and later co-writer, of BSKYB TV’s 1980s/90s daily children’s puppet programme The DJ Kat Show (250,000 words of script over 7 years)

Researched, scripted and presented numerous programmes for the BBC Radio 4 Archive Features Department throughout the 1970s/80s, on such subjects as The Fairy Tradition, Pyramidology, Dick Turpin, Robin Hood, St George, Mumming plays, Bendigo - Champion of England, Lord Nelson, witchcraft, herblore…

Also various programmes and series on folksong and lore including:
Arthur’s Folk – a 6 part Radio 4 series examining the British folk music revival.
Folk With Tales – a Radio 4 series of oral biographies of such traditional folk musician/storytellers as Packie Byrne, Gilbert Sargent, Bob Roberts, and Jimmy Cooper.
Folk Tales - researcher/scriptwriter for this seminal Radio 4 8 part history of storytelling and the folktale in the British Isles.
The Romans in Britain, scriptwriter/researcher for this 4 part drama documentary.
London’s River, scriptwriter/presenter of a history of the River Thames for schools ‘radio-vision’
As I Roved Out - A Life of A.L.Lloyd, writer/presenter, Radio 4

Also many talks and interviews with regional radio stations on folktales, gypsy culture, folkmusic, children’s theatre, storytelling, oral history.

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