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First published article was in English Dance and Song and was entitled Folk Song in Schools.

Not long after that was elected onto the Editorial Board of the Folk Music Journal during which time wrote numerous book and record reviews.

In the 1970s took over editorship of English Dance and Song, the magazine of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Edited the magazine for over twenty years.

Throughout the 70s/80s/90s wrote articles, reviews, and obituaries, for various magazines and newspapers including The Times, The Independent, The Stage, Melody Maker, Lurcher Magazine, Kent Life, Surrey Life, Sussex Life, English Dance and Song, Words International also regional newspapers and magazines.

Magic in Ballads for Leader Records 1970s
Assistant Editor of The Fight Director (the magazine of the Society of Fight Directors) – 1970s
Editor Animations (national puppetry magazine) – 1990s
Editor Storylines (magazine of the Society for Storytelling) -1990s
Folk Music article The McDonald Book of Music
Folk Music article Encyclopaedia Britannica
Numerous folksinger biographies for New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
A.L.Lloyd In Australia for Root and Branch no.1, EFDSS
‘Flora Boyd – Fairy Tales from Barra’ Interview with tradition bearer from the Western Isles. Storylines Autumn 1998
‘Mythstories, Museum of Myth and Fable’ Storylines Winter 2000
‘Bobby McMillan – Appalachian storyteller’ Storylines Autumn 2000

A Sussex Life: The Memories of Gilbert Sargent, Countryman. 1990. Barrie & Jenkins. Paperback reprint 1997
Dan Davin - A Sombre Beast in Intimate Stranger ed. Janet Wilson. 2000. Steele Roberts Ltd
A.L.Lloyd Bibliography in Singer, Song, and Scholar, University of Sheffield Press
A.L.Lloyd biography due 2008, published by the English Folk Dance and Song Society

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